Random stuff.

I was going through my iPhoto library this weekend.  Found a bunch of shots from the last 4 years that I never posted anywhere.  They are pretty random and not too good but they cover the bases, dirt, street, and park.  No flatland for today.  I’ll be riding flat, not showing photos.


Oh, here’s a fun one.  The scar is from a  compound fracture. The bruise?  Can’t remember.


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Fight the (assumed) Power.

Like most days, I went out for a quick flatland session during my lunch hour today.  About ten minutes into my session, a teen from the day camp came down to the tennis court to tell me I couldn’t ride there.  The conversation went something like this:

“Why can’t I ride here?”

“Because they told me you aren’t allowed.”

“Well, then you better tell ‘They’ to come over here and explain this to me as I have been riding here for two years, winter, spring, summer and fall.”

About five minutes later a kid came down and said while I can’t ride on the tennis court, I could ride on the roller hockey rink.  I conceded and switched locations.  Another five minutes passed and he came back to tell me I can ride anywhere I want.

Moral to the story?  It’s OK to ask why the rule is in place.  Half the time, there is no reason.  People just see something different and they figure it’s not allowed.  Chuck D and Flav wouldn’t take that crap.

The York Jam

About to leave to head to York for the 2011 Jam.  Last night I was trying to explain the jam to someone.  I told them that in the mid 80’s we enjoyed going to national contests to see friends from around the country.  By 1990, the contests were gone so rather than do a contest, we figured we would invite everyone to York to ride like we did in the Hotel parking lots.  That was always the best part.

Now, 21 years later, Jams are events themselves.  Still not a contest but a chance to get together with friend in a non competitive setting and ride just for the sake of fun.  There are now Jams all over the world with thousands of riders sessioning.  I like this as none of us got into bikes to be competitive.  It was fun and something we did with our friends.  Keeping the spirit of the 13 year old alive in all of us.

I wanted to give up the York jam a few years ago.  I wanted it to go out on a good note.  After begging, I started doing it again and again.  About 5 years ago I passed over the reigns to the York riders.  Kevin, Mark and I don’t live in York anymore so it isn’t our jam.  I wasn’t sure what would happen but the riders still show up and support the Jam.  Everyone still busts out, laughs and has a good time.

The Plywood Hoods did a lot for BMX.  What I am most proud of is the sense of adventure.  We did new things for no reason other than to see if they could be done.  Calling it progression or supporting the sport doesn’t really hit the nail on the head.  I think it was more “Why not?” and being immature enough to pursue it.  Life isn’t about competitions, greater causes or being somebody.  It’s about not limiting yourself.  Once you master that, then you will succeed and others will pin the labels on you.

Ok, I’m going to go no to fidge in a parking lot.  Nothing more, nothing less.

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Bike work Thursday

Anyone who knows me knows I fix bikes.  Last night was a work night in Mr. D’s Basement Bike Shop.  I enjoy the work for the most part because I know that it will provide fun later on.  Not as much work as an investment in the future.  Fix something this weekend.  You will appreciate it later.

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Remember when Loverboy sang about “Workin’ for the Weekend”?  Well besides being colossal douche bags, those guys just didn’t get it.  Now we all enjoy weekends with free time, friends and a change of pace but if you are stuck in a rut of working so you can live your life on the weekends, you are missing the point.

We all have jobs/school/responsibilities that take up most of our time.  I have been guilty of viewing these as a means to an end too.  A few years back I realized that it isn’t about paying the bills, it’s about the life you lead.  Don’t just work to get a paycheck.  Kill that shit, whatever it is.  Only the smallest bit of effort makes the difference between done and done well.  Why not give everything your best?

I remember an old Bruce Lee interview I read where he spoke about why people take elevators.  He said they are lazy.  Now if you work on the 40th floor I can see it but c’mon, walking up to the third floor is not a big deal, probably quicker and better for you.  Put forth some effort in everything you do.  Throreau spoke of “sucking the marrow out of life”.  He meant that you should get all you can out of every experience.  If you don’t, life will suck the marrow out of you.

Tomorrow is Sunday.  Go ride your bike, open a door for someone, cut the grass properly.  Make it count.

By brettdownsconspiracy