When I was a kid my bike was my best friend. I rode it all the time, nearly everyday. It took me places both geographically and spiritually. It had many purposes. Need to get somewhere? Need to let out some aggression? Need to fill a creative void? Need to push myself? The bike answered all these questions.

When I got out of college and got my first “real” job, I decided that I’d never have a shitty bike again. I had been riding bent and broken bikes my whole life. Soon after I let myself go to the extravagance of having a flatland bike and a ramp bike. Each was set up for their different uses. Then I got a mountain bike. Eventually, I built up some old school bikes from the extra parts I had laying around and it was fun to ride them once in a while.

When I started working in the bike industry I quickly got access to more bikes. I picked up one after another. My kids started riding and they needed bikes. After the divorce, they needed bikes at both houses. The arsenal got full.

These days I still consider myself a BMX’er even though the bike I ride most often is a grocery getter. My mood and where I want to ride influence the decision over which bike I pick. Sometimes I feel like a silly spoiled kid with so many options but I don’t let it get to me. I choose to see myself as a rider. I pick the tool for the job. For years I have said that I take my riding seriously but I’m not a serious rider. It’s more about answering those same questions I asked as a kid.

Choices aren’t necessary but they can be nice to have sometimes. Surround yourself with what you can use to progress yourself.

By brettdownsconspiracy

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