Good Session

You know when you show up somewhere and your friends weren’t really expecting you?  You are greeted with smiles and high fives? Well, happened to me last night.

After a grueling day of work, I drove about two hours to go to the skatepark.  My son had an after school trip with a bunch of students and one of the teachers who is an old skateboarder.  The kids’ session was from about 4-8.  I showed up about six o’clock and snuck up behind my boy.  He gave me the biggest smile and more of a “bro” greeting than a “dad” hello.  He was stoked I showed up to ride with him.

We hit up a bunch of different obstacles, I met his friends, got asked a few times if I was a Pro (which I answered with “No, I’m just old”) and got to see him among his peers.  I love watching him with his friends no matter what they are doing.  Their interaction brings me back to my own adolescence.  Now I was the one who was smiling.  I gave him his space to do his thing while I did mine.  We rode separately for a while and then back together to do a new line.  What a blast it was.  I highly recommend riding with your kids if you have them.

Lew once wrote about never taking a riding buddy for granted.  Last night, I didn’t.



By brettdownsconspiracy