There was this one girl…
Well, actually not a girl.
A woman, the embodiment of a dream.
She was the one I always imagined just the same.

She told me “I love you”.

Her beauty was unquestionable and her presence undeniable.
An awkward yet elegant stature, both clumsy and graceful.
She was strong but needed me for a shoulder to cry upon at times.
Her humor was spontaneous and off the wall,
much like my own.

She once told me “I love you”.

A mother to a single child and knew that the world didn’t begin and end with herself.
She enjoyed the same things as me, disliked the same things as me.
We made each other laugh, smile and feel better about our place in the world.

She once told me “I love you”.

Everything I wanted or ever dreamt about was wrapped up in her.
Past, present and future.
Even though we were apart most of our lives
we somehow found each other.
Even though we are now miles apart, leading individual lives,
we are together.

She once told me “I love you”.

That’s all that matters.
Distance, time, life, people.
No matter what gets between us, keeps us apart,
she said that to me once and meant it.

By brettdownsconspiracy