The Right Tool for the Job.

Another big box showed up at my door this past weekend.  Isn’t that always fun?  Even if you know what’s in there, it’s still got a tinge of Christmas morning to it.  I opened it up and there was a new bike frame inside.  This is a new model that hasn’t even hit the stores yet.  Yeah, being in the business has it’s occasional perk.  It’s a BMX frame for skatepark use.  Well, that’s what I’m going to use it for.

Sunday morning I loaded it into the car and headed down to my favorite skatepark.  On the drive down I was thinking about my riding in the past week.  It went something like this:

Sunday: I took my 29’er out for a little ride while my son rode my single speed MTB.  I found a gravel road I want to take him on and had to get him to try the right bike for it.

Monday:  I had to take my car in to get some work done so I threw the SS on the roof, dropped off the car and hit the woods for an hour before work

Tuesday: I rode a little flatland in the evening by myself.  First session in the dark this fall

Wednesday:  Just a quick errand run on my grocery getter bike with the kids.

Thursday: Another errand run with the kids and some tricks out front with the boys

Friday: CX bike ride on the road and gravel with about 40 people at night.  Got to pull out the big light for that one!

Saturday:  Errands on the grocery getter, a good session of flatland and a cruise around the neighborhood on my new frame.

People are always amazed at all my bikes but I guess anyone who is into something has a lot of it.  What I like is that all my bikes have different uses and reasons.  I rode only BMX for years and enjoyed it the whole time.  Eventually getting into the bike business, my friends got me onto big wheels and reminded me that it’s just fun to pedal, explore and get from A to B by bicycle.  At times, each bike is my favorite.  At times I don’t want to see that bike for months.

It’s good to be able to mix things up.  I never get burned out on riding because I do so many different styles.  They say variety is the spice of life so I guess my bike collection is like Baskin-Robbins.  And who doesn’t like ice cream?

My main bikes-

Flatland bike

Flatland bike

New skatepark bike

New skatepark bike



Grocery getter

Grocery getter




City bike

City bike











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