Jack’s bike check

One of my best friends told me that I’m doing my kids a disservice by giving them great bikes and making sure they always work properly.  They will never know the exquisite pain of trying to make a hoopty perform at a high level.  Well, I like nice bikes and since I can offer my kids something great to ride, why not?  I make sure to let them know the value of their rides and that they need to take care of them.

I’m especially proud of Jack’s bike.  It’s one of my old flatland frames so it fits him perfectly.  At age 10, a normal sized bike is just too much for him to handle.  He just left for the day’s adventures and I snapped a few pictures before he headed out.  He loves this bike more than anything so I told him we Should do a bike check.


Frame:  2006 Haro M7, custom powder coat

Fork:  Odyssey flatland, custom powder coat


Seat: Haro


Pedals:  Colony

Cranks: SE

Sprocket: Odyssey MDS

Chain: KMC

Seatpost: SE

Brakes: Tektro with Odyssey straddle hanger

Seatpost clamp: Mirraco

Pegs: Black Ops plastic


Wheels: Haro Hypno, Double wall rear, Single wall front.

Tires: Haro La Mesa


Grips: Cult Vans (just put them on)

Bars: SE Power Wing

Lever: Odyssey Monolever Trigger

Stem:  S&M Lil’ Redneck

Gyro: Generic with Odyssey cables

What do you think?  Not a bad start for a kid.  I built it up for him before he went to Woodward this past summer.  I wanted to make sure he had a bike that would give him the most enjoyment from his week.  His thank you to me was learning 360’s.  Looks like we both won.

By brettdownsconspiracy

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