Bike of the Year?

(Thoughts while riding yesterday)

Want to know exactly what is wrong in the bike industry?  This bike just won the bike of the year award from Velo News.




Please pay attention to what is ironically, the bottom line :

“Prices range from $4,260 for the 15-pound Ultegra model to $12,790 for the sub-13-pound Dura-Ace equipped Black Inc. ride.”

I understand that the best of the best equipment is always exciting but seriously, how many are they going to sell at $4200 much less at over $12K?  Is this bike really going to impact cycling in general in anyway?  In my opinion, the bike of the year is probably selling 1000 units a month via Wal-Mart.

A couple of years ago I wrote an entry about what the bicycle industry was getting wrong.

Not to beat a dead horse but the best way for the bike industry to grow is through getting more people on bikes, not making bikes most people can’t afford and have no need for.  Bike companies and shops make money selling “bread and butter” bikes- those priced under $600-$1000.  Those are for the new rider or casual rider.  These bikes are the way people can be introduced to cycling as an activity, transportation, exercise or sport.  If those bikes are dialed, the rider will enjoy his experience and continue riding.  Another bike rider created is the future of the industry.

It’s time to stop being short sighted and invest in the future.  This means taking care of the entry level rider, making the experience better and working toward cycling infrastructure.   By making bikes accessible we can profit both monetarily and as an industry.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to sell ten $100 bikes than one $1000 bike.  It makes more sense to serve 9 more customers too.


By brettdownsconspiracy

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